"Because, being beautiful in the backcountry should be easy!"

Being Beautiful In The Backcountry

Born and raised with the Rocky Mountains as a weekend playground, Andrea and Morgan are outdoor enthusiasts that like the girly things in life as much as summiting mountains. Morgan started a blog to strive to inspire girls to get outdoors and push their limits while forging an inclusive outdoor community. 

Frustrated that backpacking friendly beauty products didn't exist in the outdoor gear world and that there is a sense of shame for girls that try to extend their femanine ways into the backcountry, they decided to defy the stereotype and fill the gap. They believe that being a beauty in the backcountry extends from the beautiful places you venture to, as well as the beauty that grows from within you.  If that journey involves simple beauty essentials then there should be no shame in that!

Packaged Specifically For Backpacking

No one wants to carry more than they need to! The packaging behind the backcountry beauty essential products has been specifically designed keeping weight and space in mind. As well as functionality; products have been packaged in ways to minimize contamination and ease application.

100% Handmade + Small Batches

All of our products are handmade in small batches to ensure the highest quality.  Everything is made to order to guarantee freshness.

All Natural + Eco-Friendly

Our products embody the values of those leading an outdoor focused lifestyle; wellness centred, simple and earth friendly. What we are putting on our skin, the environmental impact and the packaging are all considerations taken into the design of our products. We venture into the backcountry to enjoy and respect the natural surroundings around us, so it is only fitting that we create products that respect that natural beauty. 

Made with all natural ingredients we ensure what you are putting on your skin is as good for you as it is safe for your surroundings.  That means no synthetic chemicals, no petroleum derivatives and no questionable ingredients.  

Tested on Friends, Not Animals

None of our products or product ingredients have been tested on animals. Our family and friends try and test all of our products before they are given the stamp of approval. #testedonfriendsnotanimals